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Wi-Fi Access at the Airport

Sometimes, when you're waiting at an airport, you need to be able to keep in touch with friends, family or business. At Paris Orly Airport the unlimited free Wi-Fi allows you to do that by connecting your phone, tablet or laptop. There are also public computers in the internet kiosk and at the workstation.

Until fairly recently, to access the internet at the airport, you had to subscribe to the premium service for a fee. Now, in association with Hub Télécom, the airport operator offers free Wi-Fi at all of their airports, although it is supported by advertising. If you do require faster browsing speeds the ad-free premium internet is still available as detailed below.

Although limited to 2Mbps, the free Wi-Fi speed is sufficient for general browsing and checking emails and social media. However, it's not advised to try and stream HD films.

Orly also has a free app you can download which, when you're online, can provide you with the latest live flight information and offers available at the airport.

How to Connect

  1. In the settings on the mobile device you want to connect with, enable Wi-Fi
  2. Connect to the Hub Télécom hotspot
  3. A welcome page should open automatically but, if not, just open your browser
  4. To sign into the free service, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions. If you choose the premium service, just follow the payment instructions.
  5. Begin browsing!

Premium Wi-Fi Connection

You have two options for download speeds when subscribing to the premium internet service; Wi-Fi Faster or Wi-Fi Stronger.

  • Wi-Fi Faster
    • Wi-Fi Faster is up to four times faster than the free service
    • It free from advertising
    • No automatic disconnection
    • Twenty minutes costs €2.90
    • One hour is €5.90
  • Wi-Fi Stronger
    • Wi-Fi Stronger gives you up to ten times the speed of the free service
    • Free from advertising
    • No automatic disconnection
    • Up to five devices can be connected
    • Twenty-four hours costs €9.90

For any problems with the Wi-Fi contact Hub Télécom

Workstations and Internet Kiosk

There is an internet kiosk located in Hall A of the south terminal and a workstation in Hall B of the south terminal.