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Aerogare d'Orly Ouest, Hall 2, Orly (West), F-94547, Paris (France)
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Paris Orly Airport Car Hire

Orly Airport is only a short distance from the centre of Paris which has many famous attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triomphe, the banks of the River Seine and Notre Dame. The best way to get around the city is by public transport.

But the region of France in which the city is located is steeped in history and has beautiful scenery. Hiring a car will enable you to escape the city and explore the surrounding countryside.

At the airport, the car hire desks can be found in the arrivals areas of both terminals and you can arrange your rental on arrival. However, a better deal can be found online when you book in advance.

You need to be wary when using comparison sites as the most attractive price won't necessarily be the best deal. Some rental companies have hidden extra charges so you should read the small print before booking.

Look for a "full to full" fuel policy, otherwise, you could end up paying for fuel that you don't actually use, and at a premium price.

If you want the fully comprehensive insurance, it is cheaper to buy it through the comparison website at the time of booking. Alternatively, you can buy your own hire car excess insurance which can be annual or for a one-off rental.

Rental Documents

Since changes to the driving licence, UK drivers will need to provide a code to the hire company agent. Details of how to get the code are on the UK Government website. The agent will also require your licence, passport and credit card.

Before You Drive

Thoroughly check the car inside and out for any damage. Make a note of anything you find on the rental form and take pictures. Don't forget the windows, lights, tyres and wheels. When you start the car, make sure there are no warning lights showing.

The roads around the airport are busy, so familiarise yourself with the car and know which direction you are heading in.

Day Trips from Paris

The palace of Versailles and its surrounding gardens give you a view of how the former French monarchy lived before the revolution. Visit Marie Antoinette's private rooms and you can even "eat cake" there.

For art buffs a visit to the home and gardens of the famous impressionist painter, Claude Monet is unmissable. In the tranquil grounds, you can see the inspirations for his works such as the Water Lilies.

80km to the south-east of Paris is the medieval town of Provins, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once renowned in Europe for its extravagant fairs, you can now walk the 1,200 metres of ramparts with its twenty-two towers. There are 10km of underground tunnels and the town's ancient buildings and squares.

Approximately two and a half hours' drive south-east of Paris is the stunning Orient Forest (Forêt d'Orient) National Park. The vast forest has three lakes and is a wildlife sanctuary. You can stroll the network of trails or take part in the available water sports.

The national park is close to Troyes, the historic capital of the Champagne region. "The city of ten churches" is famed for its stonework and stained glass which has enabled the city to prosper for centuries. Walk the cobbled streets among the half-timbered buildings and have an al fresco lunch in one of the town's squares.

Within easy reach of Paris, there are many more historic towns and national parks as well as the region of Normandy where you can visit the war cemeteries for a poignant reminder of the consequences of conflict.